Friday, September 3, 2010

Marsha's popcorn sermon- video recorded

I'm working from home these days. It isn't necessarily by choice. Out of necessity. Honestly, my dream job is a job where I set my own hours, have ideal places to work (home and remote offices), and attract paying clients. Currently, my faith is being stretched - tried and tested. I would have NEVER quit my paying job to do what I'm doing. That's another story...

Until today, I've been putting off purchasing a webcam and microphone. Now that I'm consulting more and running my online beauty store, I felt it was time. I want to create videos and sound bites. With my working remotely, it is necessary to do video chats and web conference calls (Skype, Google Talk, etc).

Tonight, I made several cheesy videos which I will not show you.

But I will share a recording that I did. It's an amateur video, but the lesson is biblically sound.

In this recording, I'm teaching on spiritual gifts. (My dominant spiritual gift is teaching. See my spiritual gifts profile.) It's a popcorn sermon. What's a popcorn sermon? That's what my instructors - seasoned pastors and ministry leaders, in ministry school called a short sermon, preaching or teaching.

Listen to me talk about spiritual gifts

(I had a mix-up with one scripture. You'll hear it. I meant to say 1Corinthians 12:6-11.)

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