Monday, September 21, 2009

I miss Hershi

Last week, I chose put our dog down. She was a Rottweiler and Chow mix, almost 12 years old and very sickly.

I am very sad and even depressed. My friends, who are pet lovers, tell me that I am experiencing grief becuase this pet was like a family member.

Sometimes, I wish I had just let her suffer and pass way peacefully at home. Yet, that is really selfish.

Our once fiesty and energetic dog had become a blury eyed, weary, and lifeless animal. It was disturbing to see her struggle, vomit almost every meal, even water, and shed skin (excessive pet dander).

Vet visits cost more than I could handle when I was employed, but I managed somehow. (Somebody didn't get paid that week.) The vet prescribed medications that seemed to work for a month or two. On our last visit, the vet suggested more expensive tests. Of course, there were no guarantees. Now, that I am unemployed, there is no money to go through series of tests and medications.

I wish I had her here with me. She was so loyal and faithful. I wander if she stayed alive to protect us. She was the best watchdog. You couldn't come near our yard without hearing her menacing bark and seeing a flash of her sharp teeth.

Will I get another pet? I can't see myself getting attached like this again and knowing that one day this will happen again. We are blessed that she lived so long.